Magid D-ROC DX Technology 13-gauge TriTek Palm Coated Work Glove – Cut Level A4


The Magid® D-ROC® DXG48 combines Cut A4 DX Technology™.   Price per pair. *Must be ordered in multiples of 12.

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The Magid® D-ROC® DXG48 combines Cut A4 DX Technology™ for non-irritating lightweight comfort with enhanced abrasion resistance, grip and superior oil and liquid protection.

  • TriTek palm™ coating strengthens grip and minimizes saturation in heavy liquid and oil applications
  • Resilient TriTek palm™ coating provides over 2X the abrasion resistance of other coatings for unbeatable durability while maintaining extreme dexterity
  • DX Technology™ uses non-irritating strength enhancing micro particles to achieve higher levels of cut protection without the discomfort that fiberglass or steel can cause
  • 13 Gauge DX Technology engineered yarn delivers extreme comfort that is 20% lighter than a traditional HPPE of the same cut level
  • DX Technology feels cool to the touch which keeps the wearer cool and comfortable while working
  • Nitrile reinforced thumb saddle coating enhances abrasion resistance at a critical wear point
  • High-visibility color enhances worker protection and ensures worker compliance
  • Color-coded overcast acts as a visual aid for sizing and reduces fraying
  • Machine washable for longer service life
  • ANSI Level A4 Cut Resistance, ANSI Level 6 Abrasion Resistance, and ANSI Level 3 Puncture Resistance