North by Honeywell Bloodborne Pathogen Response Kit


Brand: North by Honeywell
Container Type: Poly Box
Fill Type: Economy
Units Per Kit: 10
Quantity per case:
10 EA

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This kit from North by Honeywell is complete with the necessary supplies to clean a spill containing bloodborne pathogens, as well as PPE necessary to protect employees in accordance with OSHA 1910.130. The 019748-0033L contains an absorbent towel, antiseptic wipes, a biohazard bag, germicidal surface wipe, a pair of medical gloves, a shovel, twist tie, and a 2 oz. Vital 1 absorbent.

Blood borne pathogen kit
Absorbent towel
Antiseptic wipes
Biohazard bag
Germicidal surface wipe
2 medical gloves
Twist tie
2 oz. Vital 1® absorbent

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First Aid/Defibrillators


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